Operational Remote Control Systems (ORC) to control moistening of heat supply network insulation

труба с ОДК Operational remote control system (ORC) ensures high accuracy in detecting moistened insulation spots, which cannot be achieved if using methods based on active resistance measurement.

Monitoring of ORC system condition on operating pipelines is performed by means of sensors or remote metering. The measuring instruments register electric conductivity of heat insulation layer — if water penetrates the heat insulation layer its conductivity grows and this fact is registered.

Availability of ORC system in foam polyurethane insulated pipelines allows to detect spots where moisture penetrates metal surface of the pipeline (damage, defects of polyethylene or zinc coating, welded or joint assemblies), thus avoiding accidents and minimizing repair costs.

All these factors are considered by the Engineering Infrastructure Design Institute when design documentation chapters regarding corrosion protection of heat supply networks are developed and implemented as part of complex engineering network.

ORC System

installation of piping with ORC system galvanized pipe with ORC system tubes with ORC with different insulation