Designing of water pipeline, external water supply networks

проектирование сетей наружного водоснабжения, водопровода
project of an external water supply network, water pipeline
Water supply system is a complex of facilities for water supply to consumers in the required amount and of the required quality. In addition, the water supply system is provided with a definite level of reliability, that is ensures delivery of water to consumers without inadmissible decrease of design data of the operation in relation to amount or quality of supplied water.

Water is consumed by different consumers for most diverse needs. However, vast majority of consumption can be brought to three basic categories:

  • household water needs
  • production needs
  • fire fighting

Water disposal is a complex of sanitation measures and technical devices ensuring sewage disposal outside a populated locality or production plant. Sewage is a part of the water supply and water disposal system, intended for disposal of solid and liquid waste products, domestic waste water and rainfall runoff for decontamination and further operation or return to a water body.

The Engineering Infrastructure Design Institute, LLC performs works on development of design documentation for the water supply and sewerage system and arranges its certification in operating organizations, state environmental agencies and other concerned organizations.

Project of water supply system

проектирование сетей наружного водоснабжения, водопровода
designing of water pipeline, water supply networks
Our Institute works closely with the manufacturers of the equipment applied for water supply and sewerage systems: treatment plants, pipeline products, stop and control valves, etc. Their production experience and our design solutions allow to create an optimal solution for our partner in relation to water supply and disposal.

Our obvious advantage over the other design organizations is execution of a complex of work on a turnkey basis. This means surveys of design facility or route; immediate development of design and work documentation including designing of waste water meter stations and water meter units; agreement of accepted decisions in regulatory and operating organizations and design supervision during facility construction.