Design of utility systems

Any industrial and social object consisting of only foundation, walls, partitions and roof without utility systems is «dead» object. This is a complex of operation of all utility systems which creates the required safe and comfortable living standards at operation.
For reference only: Operation is a stage of product life cycle for which its quality is realized, maintained and restored. Product operation includes in general intended use, transportation, storage, maintenance and repair.

Source: GOST 25866-83
It is the object «life» support that the specialists of the Engineering Infrastructure Design Institute do.

Utility systems

проектирование cистем внутреннего инженерного обеспечения, внутренних сетей
project of utility systems
Utility systems are:
  • heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems
  • indoor gas supply systems and gas fuel record
  • electric power supply and lightning
  • plumbing and sewage system
  • weak current systems of an object (telephone, broadcasting system, TV broadcast, automation and dispatching control of utility systems, security alarm system, video surveillance, access control system; LAN; sound amplification; acoustic system of rooms; electric clock system; closed circuit TV)
  • individual heating unit with heating energy meter station

Calculations, made by the Institute designers at the stage of design and architectural working-out of a future building, allow to determine to a high accuracy the required amount of necessary resources (heating and electric energy, volumes of water consumption, etc.) and to reduce expenditures of investors on purchase of the required capacities. And this is very significant, as the rate for connection to the networks of the energy suppliers is high.

Our undeniable advantage for a client is a possibility to develop design and work documentation of engineer support of object in complex – from connection points to external utilities to a concrete heating radiator and a socket. This approach excludes difficulties at coordination of design solutions carried out by different organizations.

Interaction with different utility equipment vendors settled at our Design Institute for the years of work and their help at calculations is guaranteed submission of an optimal technical solution and flexible regulation of economic factors of a future project for our clients.

Project of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and gas supply systems

слаботочные системы объекта (телефонизация, радиофикация, телевидение) системы отопления, вентиляции и кондиционирования электроснабжение и освещение системы отопления, вентиляции и кондиционирования