Design of heat supply networks, project costs of external heat supply networks

Проектирование тепловых сетей Distribution of heating energy for heat supply and hot water supply needs of consumers is a task which is equal in order of importance to its generation. And even in some cases this task is major, taking into consideration distances of heat supply networks, difficulty of laying-out in densely populated territories and their worn-out state at the present time.

Heating energy is delivered to consumers along main (ø 400-1400 mm) and heating distribution systems, which constitute a structure of interconnected pipes with thermal insulation, expansion bends, control and stop valves, supports (sliding and/or fixed), building structures of heat chambers, drainage arrangement and wells.

Heating networks can be of two- or four-pipe design in underground and external version. Pipe material can be both metal and plastic depending on application conditions, i.e. coolant temperature and pipeline diameter.

The specialists of the Engineering Infrastructure Design Institute, LLC perform design works of heat supply networks for housing, administrative, production buildings and facilities. Development of design and work documentation of heat supply networks is one of priority areas of the company activities. The list of basic design works includes as follows:

  • design of new heat supply networks of the newly constructed building complexes
  • projects of relocation of existing heat supply networks from under building footprint
  • design documentation of reconstruction of existing heat supply networks
  • development of protective measures against electrochemical corrosion of heat networks structures and facilities on them
  • design of operating remote control systems (ORC) of insulation damping
  • development of sections "Construction organization plan" and "Dismantlement organization plan"

Heat supply networks – external, mainline, distribution – project costs

All design solutions of our Institute are confirmed by the required calculations made by specialized software – hydraulic and strength calculations as well as calculation of thermal insulation. If necessary, the designers of Design Institute coordinate their design solutions for route locations of heating networks with adjacent design organizations to ensure stability and reliability of heat supply in whole. And of course, final and absolute condition of heat supply networks design is agreement of accepted design solutions in concerned and expert organizations – heat supply and grid companies; municipal and District administrations, committees and agencies.

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