Design of heating and ventilation systems, design of air conditioning

Heating of buildings provides thermal comfort of people, compliance with process requirements of equipment depending on purpose of premise and hardware. Heating is artificial heating of rooms at cold periods to compensate heat losses there and to maintain temperature at the specified level satisfying the requirements of thermal comfort and requirements of corresponding SNiPs.

Design of heating starts from calculation of power and selection of a boiler. The specialists of our company will draw up heating plan as per individual developed plan taking into account all entered data. Constructive solution for project execution first of all depends on type of applied heating energy. Works are performed taking into account achievements in the sphere of heating of rooms and application and selection of reliable and well-proven equipment ensures quality and long service life of heating systems.

Design of ventilation and heating systems is carried out to improve the efficiency of life support systems at facilities of any level of complexity. At creation of project for ventilation all room peculiarities, number of personnel, heat development, etc. are considered and indicated in the technical specifications (Tech Specs). Sanitary, architectural, fire-fighting and operating requirements of rooms are also considered. There are many normative documents (SNiPs) which are used by the specialists of the Design Institute for all systems under designing.

Key features of optimally operating system of ventilation and air conditioning:

  • stable operation at any time of the year
  • noiseless operation of equipment
  • compact equipment, easy installation
  • supply of clean air to a room
  • minimum operating costs

Design basis for heating systems of building:

  • floor plan, building sections
  • aspect
  • heated area
  • material of pipeline for radiator heating
  • material (structure) of outer enclosures with indication of thickness of material layer of walls, roof and flooring
  • height of windowsill from clean floor to window stool, presence of niche for radiators, dimensions
  • windows – sizes, type of windows (insulating glass unit, window sash, ordinary glazing)
  • materials of floor over under floor heating pipes with indication of heat conductivity coefficient, thickness of material layers
  • type of heating devices
  • arrangement of pipelines (hidden, exposed)
  • presence of under floor heating

Design of ventilation and air conditioning system

Competently drawn up project of the ventilation system ensures long-term failure-free operation of equipment, comfortable and safe job conditions. Ventilation systems are related to facilities of high complexity and functionality by its process and structural features. It is especially important in industrial and production premises, health and fitness centers, shopping centers as well as in large administrative institutions.

Contents of detail design of ventilation and air conditioning systems:

    tables of premises air exchange
  • explanatory note with description of equipment variants
  • list of main equipment and components of ventilation system
  • detail floor plan with routes of air ducts and pipelines, arrangement and layout of equipment elements, indication of their grade and sizes
  • plans and sections of ventilation chambers with detail equipment arrangement
  • calculation of system parameters depending on premise features

To successfully solve tasks of ventilation and air conditioning systems design the specialists of our company apply many years’ experience of practices and scientific and technical knowledge and achievements.

Health and safety of people directly depends on microclimate and air purification control systems, therefore design of air condition and ventilation is performed by qualified specialists with extensive job experience.