Design of mainline and distribution gas pipelines

проектирование магистральных и распределительных газопроводов
mainline and distribution gas pipelines
Gas supply is arranged supply and distribution of gas fuel for customer needs.

Gas supply of our country facilities of all purposes and categories is one of the essential tasks of life support. It is an important social and economical factor of any object life – from a Village to a megapolis.

Crude gas is supplied to separators where solid particles and liquid mechanical impurities are separated from it. Then via field gas pipelines gas is supplied to collectors and field gas distribution stations where it is purified in wet dust collectors, dried, odorized; gas pressure is decreased to design value accepted in the main pipeline. Gas compressor stations are arranged approximately in 150 km. Line stop valves, installed at least every 25 km, are provided for repairs carrying-out. Main gas pipelines are performed in two or several lines to ensure reliability of gas supply. Gas pipeline is ended in gas distribution station which supplies gas to a city or industrial hub. On its way gas pipeline has branch lines via which gas is supplied to gas distribution stations of intermediate consumers. To balance irregular gas consumption depending on a season there are underground gas storages for which depleted gas and oil fields are used, and in case of their unavailability – in underground aquifers.

Source: Wikipedia

Based on the above the Engineering Infrastructure Design Institute has a separate direction for the development of design and work documentation of gas supply facilities of mainline and distribution purpose. Gas supply of facilities of new construction, reconstruction, rearrangement and protection of gas pipelines – the specialists of our Institute are ready to carry out all these works for a potential Client.

Our experience allows to performed works of full range — from survey to participation in commissioning of facilities. Geography of our works — all Russia.

Design of networks of external gas supply, project of a gas pipeline

проектирование газоснабжения проектирование магистрального газопровода проектирование распределительного газопровода проектирование магистрального и распределительного газопровода проектирование газоснабжения