Design of gas boilers

Gas boilers are still the most popular type of boilers in Russia, and specifically in such cities as Moscow, Saint-Petersburg and regions. Approximately 75% of new boilers in our country are particularly gas ones. Use of natural gas as a fuel for boilers allows to obtain the economically «cheapest heat» and allows to automate operation to the maximum.

Design of gas boilers is a complicated labor-intensive process. The initial stage of construction starts with development of a project, as well as any other construction, though. To achieve satisfactory result it is necessary to expressly understand technical and production peculiarities of design as well as sufficient experience of works in this sphere. The Engineering Infrastructure Design Institute, LLC has the resources to the full to carry out such design works – availability of human and technical resources, the required permit and licenses (self-regulating organizations) to works, many years' experience.

Design itself includes preliminary works immediately at site of future location of an object with marks of accurate location of utilities – water pipeline, gas pipeline, sewerage system. It is also very important to consider climatic zone, to determine degree of object remoteness from the common infrastructure, etc.

Gas boilers

As is well known to this day the great majority of boilers in Russia runs on gas, as gas is the most ecofriendly type of fuel. Design of gas boilers regarding fuel is relatively simple, but in order to get possibility to use gas as fuel it is necessary to obtain the required agreements in many authorities. On this basis, it should be understood that design process of gas boilers can last for a long time, up to a year, in many respects this will depend on working capabilities of local officials, who issue permit to use gas.

Of course, design of boilers in whole is very complicated and crucial technical process that is why even insignificant mistake at this stage can lead to serious expenditures in future (time and material). These works should be entrusted to highly qualified and experienced designers, experts in the profession.

The specialists of the Engineering Infrastructure Design Institute have been designed gas boilers for many years (including large industrial boilers with capacity of dozens of MW with modern sophisticated equipment) and they are ready to solve Client’s tasks in complex having performed all the required calculations and substantiations within the established deadlines.

Project of gas boiler in Moscow

Main features and advantages of modular gas boilers are as follows:
  • possibility to use two types of fuel: diesel oil and natural gas
  • natural gas is the main type of fuel and notable for affordable price, and auxiliary fuel (diesel oil) is widely distributed
  • gas boilers are irreplaceable for uninterrupted operation due to wide distribution of diesel fuel
  • high level of automation allows to ensure uninterrupted operation in severe climatic conditions
  • continuous supply of heat allows to prevent defrosting of heating systems in case of accidents in main gas pipelines
  • a modular gas boiler is characterized by high efficiency as it allows to use the advantages of two different types of fuel
  • due to its universality a modular gas boiler has wider range of application than single-fuel analogues
  • use of backup fuel allows to prevent stop of a modular gas boiler at shutoff of natural gas supply
  • a gas boiler is notable for high level of safe operation
  • system of agreements for modular gas boilers at commissioning is significantly simplified

At creation of a project special attention is paid to environmental safety. Execution of works taking into account ecological compatibility of future construction allows to Client to obtain an object created for optimal solution of energy supply tasks. All in all, a ready-made «product» fully corresponds to the requirements of ecological and fire safety which reduces possible fine sanctions on the part of various regulatory authorities to zero.

Design of gas boilers includes several basic stages, such as:

  • pre-design preparation which includes analysis of initial data, thermotechnical calculations, technical specification writing and issuance of approval documents for construction;
  • basic design works, such as selection and calculation of equipment, work drawings and explanatory note execution, etc.;
  • associated works, such as approval of project safety issues;
  • acceptance of detail design including an explanatory note, thermotechnical calculations, heating and ventilation of a boiler, fire and security alarm system (ACS), electrical engineering and lighting of a boiler and other parts

At each stage the specialists of Design Institute consider all occurring amendments and remarks and timely introduce the required adjustments. In the course of work the company engineers rely on many years' experience of works in this sphere, modern design methods as well as breakthrough technologies.

Our company specialists will professionally carry out the whole complex of measures related to design of gas boiler of the required capacity.