Design of boilers, agreement of projects

Проектирование котельных The major part of our country territory is within the temperate and subarctic zones and that is why the issues of heat supply in the RF cities and regions currently concerns not only technical side but have a political character.

The main sources generating heating energy are thermal power plants (TPP, SDPP) and boiler plants. Boiler plants as a source of heating energy for heat supply on a noncentralized basis are most common.

A boiler house is a facility where a heat carrier for a heating system or steam supply system is heated. Boiler houses are interconnected with consumers using heat networks or steam pipelines. The main devices of a boiler house are steam or water boilers. Boiler houses are used both for district heat supply and for local heat supply – within a private house or residential quarter.

Types of boiler houses

As per type of location
  • Detached ones
  • Roof ones
  • Integrated to buildings of the other purpose
  • Attached to buildings of the other purpose
  • Block ones
As per purpose of heat load
  • Heating ones
  • Industrial ones
  • Combined ones (heating and industrial functions)
As per category of heat distribution reliability
  • Category I — boiler houses which are single heat source for consumers, which do not accept interruptions in supply of design quantity of heat.
  • Category II — boiler houses intended for consumers which accept decrease of heat distribution for repair period, but not more than a definite period of time.
  • Category III — the rest consumers.

The specialists of our Institute design water boilers of different rated capacity operating on various types of fuel:

The Engineering Infrastructure Design Institute will prepare for a Client full service – from technical specifications writing for design of boiler and thermal design to commissioning of a facility with the entire infrastructure (inlet and outlet utilities) on a turnkey basis with all required agreements and expert reviews.

Design of boilers is always carried out with individual approach. The design engineers of our company perform design of different boilers depending on client’s needs – roof, built-in and standalone ones, as well as perform tie-in of plant-manufactured modular boilers of to the existing territory and utilities. If necessary our managers will facilitate in getting gas limits and specifications of gas supply organizations.

Undeniable advantage of our company is that we are ready to submit the Client with full service for land use planning and management – from generating source and main (distribution) utilities of all types to a radiator and tap of a consumer.

Modular, roof, built-in, standalone boilers

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