Contact System of Urban Electric Transport

проектирование контактной сети электротранспорта The contact system is a facility of electric transport types (metro, tramway, trolley bus), used for power transfer from traction substations to electrically propelled vehicles.

There are two types of the contact system:

  • overhead
  • third rails

Basic elements of the contact system are as follows:

  • supports and supporting structures
  • overhead catenary
  • fittings and special parts
  • contact, power and amplifying lines connected to the electric mains

To ensure a possibility of the contact system power supply from several traction substations as well as for repair of separate sections without interruption of the whole contact system sectionalizing of the contact system is applied. At that, the contact system is divided into sections.

Each section is powered by a separate feeder from the traction substation. In case of the traction substation failure or feeder damage there is a possibility to power the section from the other traction substation. Thus, sectionalizing increases reliability of the contact system ensuring no-break power supply.

Taking into account that every city has electric transport, which plays important role in overall transport balance, the Engineering Infrastructure Design Institute develops the design and working documentation on development and reconstruction of the contact system.

At preparing the documentation not only development of the contact system of one or another transport type is considered but also associated traffic infrastructure. Special attention is paid to organization of safety of municipal transport stops and pedestrians.

Design of Contact System of Electric Transport

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