Design of internal gas supply, gas pipeline design

Gas pipeline is an engineering facility intended for delivery of natural gas by means of a pipeline. Gas supply is supply and efficient distribution of gas as one of the most cost effective fuel type to this day in the form of centralized system or independent gas supply.

Obligatory gas supply of all objects where a person carries out any types of activity is an integral component of a modern metropolis. Without competent design of gas pipeline it is difficult to imagine comfortable existence in public, industrial and technical building and facilities.

Main gas pipelines are intended for transportation of gas for long distances. Gas compressor stations are installed to main pipeline at appropriate intervals in order to maintain pressure in pipeline. In end point of main gas pipeline there are gas distribution stations where pressure is decreased to the level required for supply of consumers. Gas distribution pipelines, in their turn, are intended for gas delivery from gas distribution stations to an end consumer.

Design of gas pipeline and gas supply is a complicated technical task which is solved depending on certain conditions of facility location.

The specialists of our company carry out the following projects:

  • external gas pipelines (street, submain, yard, interplant)
  • internal gas pipelines (located inside buildings and rooms)
  • distribution, inlet, blow-off, discharge, pulse and inter-village gas pipelines

Gas pipelines design

Natural gas nowadays is badly needed, it is hardly to imagine operation of many enterprises and life of a modern person without it. Now gas is used not only traditionally Ц in gas ovens, but also in hot water systems and heating systems.

Design of main gas pipelines is the essential stage of gas services installation at an object. Location of ventilation, flue gas duct, pipelines and type of equipment is determined with its gas. Works shall be carried out thoroughly keeping in sight small details as people lives will depend on it.

Installation of gas services starts from design of gas supply systems. In the course of works type of equipment, location of gas pipeline, technical solutions of installation are determined. inaccuracy of calculations can cause a lot of problems, for example, explosion during operation, and as a consequence Ц people death.

Depending on purpose and pressure, underlaying is used, as a rule. Gas along gas networks is delivered at certain gage pressure, depending on which the following is distinguished: gas networks of low pressure Ц up to 0.05 kgf/cm2; medium Ц from 0.05 to 3 kgf/cm2; high Ц from 3 to 6 kgf/cm2 and superhigh pressure Ц from 6 to 12 kgf/cm2. Overground laying of gas pipeline is allowed in the territory of industrial and municipal enterprises, as well as inside residential blocks and houses.

During designing the specialists of our company consider all factors influencing its further operation:

  • soil type
  • utilization capacity
  • remoteness of an object
  • type of gas equipment
  • position of ventilation lines
  • position of pipelines and flue gas ducts
  • selection of route for further installation of gas pipeline
  • development of gas supply project in accordance with the selected conditions
  • obligatory approval with owner of utilities
  • approval with all authorities and organization on which technical conditions of gas supply depend
  • commissioning of a facility to state commission