Design and repair of roads, motorways and streets in Moscow (MSK)

проектирование автомобильных дорог, автомагистралей, улиц Road design has its specific features and is characterized by a range of design and survey works performed: engineering survey, data accumulation and thorough analysis of surrounding territory. City building plans regarding arrangement of transport interchanges, geological characteristics of the territory, utilities shall be considered as important project implementation factors.

Out company possesses a superior advantage, as we cover full range of works at design project stage – from rearrangement of all utilities in the area of the newly designed roadway – mainline and distribution gas and oil pipelines, communication networks, water supply and sewerage, heat supply networks and electrochemical protection units for underground facilities, contact lines and outdoor lighting networks, and power supply lines, - to approval of newly designed solutions by expert organizations at any level. Our partners can now assign all these tasks to a single contractor – our company.

In August, 2014 our company won the tender for design of the paid parking lot in the center of St. Petersburg. The parking lot will be located at the section of the streets limited by Nevsky, Ligovsky, Liteiny prospects and Kirochnaya street. Among five companies-participants the Design Institute offered the minimum price of 5.4 million rubles.

«The parking lot will be a demonstration zone, – Marat Oganesyan, the St. Petersburg vice-governor says. – It is necessary for familiarization of the citizens with the principles of operation and methods of payment of the parking. The methods will be various: using a mobile application, bank card, etc.».

The information is placed at carious information resources: Долгострою.Нет, Деловой Петербург, АСН-инфо, Gazeta.SPb, Водитель Петербурга, БалтИнфо, Арендатор.ру

Throughout the years of its existence, the Design Institute has executed design works varying in complexity and serving a large number of road infrastructure facilities in different regions and cities in Russia.

проектирование автомобильных дорог, автомагистралей, улиц
road conditions before design and road works
проектирование автомобильных дорог, автомагистралей, улиц
road conditions after the works as per our design documentation

We have entered into long-term agreements with a number of large research and development centers, institutes and businesses. This allows to apply cutting edge technology in road design and recommend use of new road construction materials and equipment.

Engineering Infrastructure Design Institute, LLC performs full range of design works for construction, modernization and reconstruction of motorways.

Road design, reconstruction of motorways

Design of motorways, roads of all categories and city streets is carried out in accordance with SNiP 2.05.02 - 85 «Roads» and SNiP 2.07.01-89* «Planning and development of urban and rural settlements».

проектирование автомобильных дорог, автомагистралей, улиц The following is developed at the stage of design documentation:

  • Explanatory note
  • Variants of road routes
  • Road plan
  • Longitudinal profile
  • Typical cross profiles of road bed and pavement
  • Design calculation of pavement
  • Pavement plan
  • Summary sheets of junctions and crossing, pipes, turn angles, etc.
  • Sheet of amount of excavation by kilometers or survey stakes
  • Bill of quantities

The following is developed at the stage of working documentation:

  • Road grading plan
  • Earthworks cut and fill table (if necessary)
  • Working diameters
  • Layout
  • Working drawing of road furniture elements
  • Specifications

Composition of design documentation for road design is regulated by paragraph 36 of The RF Government Resolution No. 87 dated February 16, 2008 «On Composition of design documentation sections and requirements to their contents».

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