Hazardous production facilities liquidation projects (HPF)

демонтаж дымовой трубы A necessity to disassembly buildings, facilities and other utilities arises very often during reconstruction, improvement and retrofitting of production, commercial or social object.

And in many cases hazardous production facilities (HPF) are among objects to be disassembled:

  • facilities of petrochemical and oil refining industry
  • fire and explosion hazardous facilities
  • chemically hazardous facilities
  • metallurgical and coke productions and facilities
  • facilities of boiler supervision (steam and hot water boilers, pressure vessels for steam and hot water)
  • systems of gas distribution and consumption
  • listing cranes and elevators
  • facilities of oil and gas production and major pipeline transport

These objects required more responsible approach than to facilities of general civil construction, as risks of accidents and incidents at these objects are quite considerable.

On this basis, our company attached importance to training of its specialists for implementation of this complex of works – from certification of designers in the sphere of industrial safety by each direction, obtaining work permits at highly hazardous and technically complex objects to instrument measurements of hazardous production facility prior to its liquidation.

The specialists of the Engineering Infrastructure Design Institute, LLC have the required experience in works on liquidation of hazardous production facility in all regions of the Russian Federation – from arctic conditions and permafrost regions to earthquake-prone regions.

In accordance with the federal Law No. 116-FZ dated 21.07.97 “On industrial safety of hazardous production facilities” one of obligatory conditions of making the decision to liquidate a hazardous production facility is availability of a positive conclusion of industrial safety expert review of project documentation for destruction of a hazardous production facility approved by the federal executive body in the sphere of industrial safety.

Our company develops liquidation projects of hazardous production facilities and arranges their expert reviews with the further approval in the RF Rostekhnadzor.

Dismantling of production facilities

The Engineering Infrastructure Design Institute, LLC develops projects of production facilities conservation and arranges their expert reviews with the further approval in the local agencies of the RF Rostekhnadzor in all regions of Russia.

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