Preservation of hazardous production facilities (HPF conservation)

консервация ОПО - опасных производственных объектовThe significant part of power capacities at the present time and in the nearest future can be in the mode of long-term cold and other types of reserve. To provide reliable operation of heat and power equipment it is necessary to take measures, aimed to prevention of surface corrosion of the most critical units and parts which are at standstill.

One of these measures is equipment preservation – temporary suspension of operation accompanying by a number of organizational and technical actions protecting the equipment from deterioration during forced outage.

Preservation of equipment is performed to prevent corrosion of inner surface metal both during standard stops (outcommissioning for definite and indefinite periods, removal from service for current, medium and overhaul repairs, emergency shutdown) and during stops for long-term standby or repair (reconstruction) for a period more than 6 months.

Conservation of equipment significantly reduces enterprise’s expenditures for repair and operation, provides its integrity and allows to increase loads to the operating equipment.

There are many methods of preservation of power-generating equipment. Boiler equipment can be preserved as follows:
  • dry stop of a boiler
  • gage pressure maintenance in boiler
  • hydrazine treatment of heating surfaces with operating parameters of boiler
  • application of protective alkali solutions to boiler heating surfaces
  • preservation with contact inhibitor or octadecylamine
  • preservation with sodium silicate
Turbines and rotor equipment are preserved as follows:
  • preservation with preheated dry air
  • preservation with nitrogen
  • preservation with volatile corrosion inhibitors

The specialists of the Engineering Infrastructure Design Institute develop process flows and auxiliary equipment for preservation of facilities, as well as technical solutions to organize preservation of certain equipment which determining preservation methods for different types of stops and duration of a standstill. In accordance with the accepted technical solutions the equipment preservation instructions with directions on preparatory operations, preservation and depreservation procedure, as well as safety instructions during preservation.

Liquidation and preservation of production facilities

Our company develops liquidation projects of hazardous production facilities and arranges their expert reviews with the further approval in the RF Rostekhnadzor.

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