Hanger-support pipeline system (HSPS)

The specialists of the Engineering Infrastructure Design Institute carry out full range of works on maintenance and repair of hanger-support pipeline system of I-IV categories for energy facilities such as HPP, SDPP, district and block heating stations.

ОПС - опорно-подвесная система трубопроводов
Hanger-support pipeline system (HSPS)
The works performed on investigation, calculation and installation of the hanger-support pipeline system at the station of OJSC INTER RAO UES, Abakanskaya Heat Power Plant, Konakovskaya SDPP together with OJSC "I.I. Polzunov Scientific and Development Association on Research and Design of Power Equipment" (CKTI n.a. I.I. Polzunov) and other generation companies allow to gather sufficient experience and to expand geography of services offered by our company.

This type of works in our company is considered as a separate line due to specific and particular orientation. The specialists of the Design Institute perform installation of pipelines and hanger-support system in several stages:

  1. Study technical and design documentation for pipelines.
  2. Perform analysis of technical state of pipelines and develop the required measures in order to increase their reliability.
  3. Perform calculation of pipeline strength and self-compensation of thermal expansion taking into account the results of the performed analysis.
  4. Carry out installation of pipelines and HSPS.

ОПС - опорно-подвесная система трубопроводов
Hanger-support pipeline system (HSPS)
This range of works includes the following:
  • Examination of hanger-support pipeline system of the I-IV categories
  • Check of compliance of end displacements of pipelines with design values
  • Calculation of power plants pipelines strength and combined action of pressure, weight load and self-compensation of heat expansion using license program “START” and submission of documentation and drawings for the hanger-support system elements.
  • Development of recommendations for pipeline reliability enhancement
  • Development recommendations for defects elimination of pipelines and further prevention of their development
  • Repair of hanger-support pipeline system with submission of the documentation as per “Rules for arrangement and safe operation of steam and hot water pipelines”.
  • Installation of hanger-support pipeline system with submission of axonometric diagram, logbook of interposing fixture tightening
  • Preparation and collection of technical documentation for operating pipelines which have no certificates and subject to registration in the RF Rostekhnadzor authorities

Each pipeline is a system which dependency of operation reliability of some elements on other elements is significant, that is why it is necessary to consider some repair and installation operations jointly as they are closely interrelated.

Пружинные подвески The hanger-support system (HSS) is intended for pipeline self-weight distribution and unloading of specially stressed sections of pipelines in different states. At breakdown of one of hangers there are off-design loads which can cause cracks in the pipeline welded joint close to breakdown. Simple restoration of the hanger not involving specialists will return the pipeline to design state and relieve off-design loads (if repair is performed together with installation of the whole HSS), but it will not allow to detect the welded joint where short-term off-design loads occurred, and this only will slow down increase of cracks in the course of further operation. Thus, defect of HSS can be a reason for pipeline shutdown as giving rise to doubt in pipeline strength.

Пружинные подвески HSS (Hanger-support system) is a system which is not self-regulating beyond the limits of design. Therefore in case of change of operation conditions, detection of various defects or deviation of pipeline route form design one it is necessary to immediately to perform full examination of HSS to redistribute critical stresses. As practice shows, timely performed complex of works on HSS reconstruction with control of the most unsafe (stressed) sections can significantly increase pipeline no-failure service life.

Pipeline HSS — hanger-support system

Пружинные подвески Пружинные подвески Пружинные подвески Пружинные подвески Пружинные подвески