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Civil infrastructure systems design

Service Network Design
New project creation process runs between two stages – the initiation, when the idea is formed and project design is implemented on paper, and the final stage, when construction is completed.

Design works are the basis on which reliability, safety and durability of any social, industrial or housing object depends.

It includes development of design and other technical documentation intended for capital construction creation of new types and specimens of industrial products. Design process includes engineering and economical design, development of diagrams, graphs, explanatory notes, models, as well as specifications, cost estimates, calculations and descriptions.

Design, being one of the most important branches of the investment process, actively influences the distribution of the technological achievements and implementation of models of future objects of various fields of economy. Design promotes implementation of the progressive technological, architectural and construction solutions, which, as the final result, significantly influence the efficiency of investments and accomplishment of many social tasks.

We consider these as a complex strategy...

Heat Supply Network Design
Heat Supply Network Design
It is the purpose of any technical facility design to develop and create new objects which did not exist previously and shall be operated to behave and achieve a desired result. It is practically impossible to overestimate the importance of design works – a mistake made at this stage may be costly.

Design is the primary link of engineering progress connecting science and production. The results of scientific research as well as technological advances are immediately implemented in the projects. Advanced process procedures, high-performance equipment, the most perfect mechanical aids, automated control systems, new efficient construction materials and lightweight structures are provided in projects of enterprises, facilities.

Year after year our institute proves our adherence to the most progressive process solutions so that our partners live in the present. We know well the requirements of our customers and make all necessary efforts to maintain adequate pricing policy irrespective of unfavorable external influence.

Our Uniqueness and Guarantees

Our Company has been improving for many years. We have challenged the good in order to achieve the best. We think over every detail to ensure the highest quality of design documentation and to meet our partners' requirements.
Qualification of our specialists and our experience allows to guarantee:
- construction design supervision;
- investor's cost saving (min 7% of estimated cost) at installation and construction works due to viable overall solutions and materials;
- payment of 20% of work cost as per contracts due to our fault in failure to meet design terms;

Our company, implementing the Client's ideas, using the experience of our specialists, basing on regulatory structure and applying creative and individual approach, solves any assigned problems making your living conditions comfortable.

Licenses and Certificates

Certificate for Use of «Estimation and Analysis Complex «A0» Software and programm complex «GRAND-Smeta»

Competency Certificate to Carry out Activities which Affect Safety of Capital Construction Objects (DESIGN) № СРОСП-П-02936.3-02082013

Certification of compliance management system specialists in accordance with ISO 9001-2008.  

Competency Certificate to Carry out Activities which Affect Safety of Capital Construction Objects (SURVEY) № СРОСИ-И-00791.1-12102012

Certificate of Granted License for Use of «Start» Software for Pipeline Structural and Compensation Analysis.  

Trademark Certificate №507804  

Independent Certification of Ecological Management System for Company Specialists in Compliance with ISO 14001 Standard by Det Norske Veritas (DNV).